Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Girls have Arrived!!

The Girls I am referring to are my new chickens! They arrived last week and have already me completely in love with them! They are so fun to watch, clucking about and running for cover as the wind gusts around them! Its been very windy here and very wet the last few days! In fact since we got the chickens we have had wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightning so poor things are probably wondering what's going on!

The aim is to eventually use their eggs in my cakes but as yet they are too young to lay. In about 3 weeks they should start laying- can't wait!

Their ma,es are: Molly, Mabel and Margo! Margo (named after Margo from The Good Life!) is the boss and the most confident and Molly the most timid but they are all getting much more nosey! And they go nuts for their bit of corn in the afternoons!

Look out for further updates on my girls!