Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Girls have Arrived!!

The Girls I am referring to are my new chickens! They arrived last week and have already me completely in love with them! They are so fun to watch, clucking about and running for cover as the wind gusts around them! Its been very windy here and very wet the last few days! In fact since we got the chickens we have had wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightning so poor things are probably wondering what's going on!

The aim is to eventually use their eggs in my cakes but as yet they are too young to lay. In about 3 weeks they should start laying- can't wait!

Their ma,es are: Molly, Mabel and Margo! Margo (named after Margo from The Good Life!) is the boss and the most confident and Molly the most timid but they are all getting much more nosey! And they go nuts for their bit of corn in the afternoons!

Look out for further updates on my girls!

Friday 3 February 2012

Freezing Friday!

Well my car said it was MINUS 5C this morning! Good enough reason to get the oven on this pm and do some baking!
A friend asked me to make a Lemon Drizzle cake for her husband so did that this pm- the downside to my cake baking endeavours is the delicious smells that arise from the oven! Its just not fair when my (ever expanding) waistline means I should resist all cakes/biscuits/baked deliciousness. Most of the time I try(briefly!) and fail!!

Lemon drizzle cake is one of my favourites-in fact I won 1st prize last summer in our local village fete cake competition with my Lemon drizzle! I am very proud of this!
But the smells coming out the oven were so yummy today- the cake nearly got devoured- only the fact that I had only bought enough lemons for one cake, stopped me devouring a huge slab!
See, cold weather is not conducive to dieting- its makes my body cry out for yummy, gooey, fat laden and warming treats of the baked variety! Preferably with lemon or chocolate involved!

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Here is the finished article!

Took forever but was fun and I am pleased with the result! Now just got ice the cupcakes for his class tomorrow!
More cake tomorrow as its my baking day for the Toddler group I run on a Thurs/Fri!
Lemon thumbprint cookies I think!!

Let the cake baking commence!

I love baking and thought it was time to record some of my baking exploits! Mostly (but not all) successful!
Today is a special day- I am baking my little boy's birthday cake. He is 5 tomorrow and has been saying for weeks he wants a Lightning mcQueen cake- no pressure then!! He also wants to take cupcake sin for his class tomorrow- luckily his school is small and there are only 13 in his class plus the teacher and assistant so I am hoping to create something a bit special as its only a few cakes!

I cannot draw for toffee- seriously! My Art teacher at school used to say very pleasant things about my artistic attempts at school- I am sure she just couldn't bear to be brutally honest about how awful I was! Either that or she was blind!
Luckily with cakes I seem to be able to pull it out the bag and somehow it works!

Anyway- watch this space for photos!