Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let the cake baking commence!

I love baking and thought it was time to record some of my baking exploits! Mostly (but not all) successful!
Today is a special day- I am baking my little boy's birthday cake. He is 5 tomorrow and has been saying for weeks he wants a Lightning mcQueen cake- no pressure then!! He also wants to take cupcake sin for his class tomorrow- luckily his school is small and there are only 13 in his class plus the teacher and assistant so I am hoping to create something a bit special as its only a few cakes!

I cannot draw for toffee- seriously! My Art teacher at school used to say very pleasant things about my artistic attempts at school- I am sure she just couldn't bear to be brutally honest about how awful I was! Either that or she was blind!
Luckily with cakes I seem to be able to pull it out the bag and somehow it works!

Anyway- watch this space for photos!

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